A better rain cover on the roof

This summer we have not worked much on the chapel at all. Or course it is mainly built and of course functioning well and we love our tiny chapel! But of course there are some details that still can be fixed for even better long lasting… and more. We have a few thoughts about some details to be done. However this years building period we were too busy with other things, Amongst a few other “projects” we were quite busy trying to teach a group of refugees how to adapt their concepts of clay building to the circumstances in Sweden; with snow loads and cold climate. That is why we did not manage to go further with our beloved Chapel St. Joseph. However little by little my husband has reinforced the bitumen on the roof. He has simply put another layer on top of the bottom one. That is something that we had wanted to have done even earlier, but never came around to…

LH på taket   nb vid lanterninJPG

100_3353   100_3354

Right now we are looking forward to St. Josephs name day shortly after Christmas, when we hope that will have the blessing of celebrating Divine Liturgy with Father Anders and our dear nuns from Convent of St. Philotei and maybe someone more visiting!







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