St. Josephs day

Now, in the middle of the winter is the day when we especially remember and venerate St. Joseph and his son St. James. Last Sunday that was.


As is obvious on this picture we have some snow, actually the last few days even more snow has fallen. My husband has been kind to go with the snowblower to make a nice path up to the little chapel.



A while ago my husband also prepared another little detail to enrich the iconostasis. We had found a small decoration laying around on this farm when we moved here, a decoration similar to the one that is put up on the beautiful doors, although much smaller. Lärkan a while ago prepared this little decoration:



He prepared a small angular piece of wood and added to the decoration, thus making it possible to place on the upper edge of the iconostasis.



A few days ago,  just in time before St. Joseph´s day he put it up:





Now we are looking forward having Father Anders, Mother Magdaleni, Sr. Lydia and hopefully some other friends coming here soon to celebrate St. Joseph a few days delayed.






2 responses to “St. Josephs day

  1. Britt-Marie Torstensson

    Wonderful to ser this and i remember the day of blessing the chapel in mat that you looked at this special detail. Perhaps i ser you on monday.

  2. Jutta-Barbara Nedelsky


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