just moved in….

This Saturday we had the blessing of visiting the Convent of St. Philotei again. We experienced a wonderful Holy Liturgy and after that we were so happy and surprised to get to now that the sisters – and many more persons – had already prepared something that we had spoken about… The new, second Platytera for our little chapel!

The background is as follows, When His Eminence Metropolitan Cyprian was here in May for the ceremony of opening of doors, he pointed out that it would be nice to have yet another Playtera in the chapel. The already placed Platytera is located as it should be over the Holy Altar. But as often is the case that is not fully visible to Church visitors, mostly in full only to the Priest when he is serving in the Sanctuarium. His Eminence also pointed out that it would be nice to have the second Platytera shaped in an oval form. Some time ago we started to speak about this plan and now the sisters at Convent of Holy Angels in Greece had found a suitable icon. However His Eminence wanted The most Holy Theotokos to have even more open arms and also some Angels to be present on this icon. So several sisters both in Greece and our nuns here in Sweden have helped out to adjust this Icon into the wish that His Eminence had wanted it to be for the tiny Chapel St. Joseph. We are deeply moved by all cares that His Eminence has for this tiny chapel and also all the help contributed by all sisters that have been engaged in the process of getting this second Playtera here.

Here my husband, last night climbed up a ladder and unfolded the package that we got from the sisters:



After a few moments of checking measurements – that were perfect – he pulled up the hammer:



Then he could mount the wonderful new icon:



So when entering the chapel, from now on, this is the view:


After the new icon was mounted it felt that it had really been missing before! Now “something essential” has entered the tiny Church room… the new and more visible Platytera has now “moved in”.  The chapel now feels even more inhabited!




Day of St. James

Today we celebrate St. James the apostle. He was the son of St. Joseph, from his marriage long before he became the “step father” of our Lord Jesus Christ. St. James is at times called  “the brother of Jesus Christ”.  St. Joseph was a widower when being picked to be the protector of our most holy Maria Theotokos.

Here is a beautiful icon of him, from the hands of the sisters in Etna:


I love to look at the icons! Many aspects of it!… but also a little bit like looking into a family album! One recognizes family traits! I rejoice when seeing this! It is not only attributes that makes us recognize the person. For example here it is so obvious that this is the son of St. Joseph! Look at his hair for example!


In our little Chapel St. Joseph we now have had some problems with leakage from the ceiling… The carpets had to be hanging to dry…


Probably the leakage came from around the lantern.


It is always hard to seal around a roof window…  My husband has raised the ladder and several days in a row climbed up and done some mending… It finally seems sealed again. Hopefully the problem now is solved.


Fall is here for sure. It has been a few snowfalls, but all snow has melted away. The winter has not arrived, but it is for sure coming….  On this picture it is obvious how all leaves has fallen. The trees are naked.

This is the view that often meets me when I come out from the chapel: Our sheep guardian Kalle waiting for me to have a little “conversation” .


Also on the thickness of his fur it is clear that the temperature is sinking… his fur is getting thicker to stand the cold winter temperature that soon will be here.

We have finally had time to come further also with some other details in the chapel, for example painting the “analogion”, the choirstand. Here the volunteer Miryam from France is painting with egg oil tempera. Last Saturday we had a full worksshop day on that topic.





Now it will be drying for a few days before being glazed:


It is far too cold in the chapel for the paint to dry and oxidate, so the analogion is standing in the lunchroom and small lecture room for a few days. And since I have no analogion to put papers and prayer books on I have been keeping everything in the corner by the drying carpets the latter few days: