The initial reason…

Yesterday was a special day… my husband and I had left our little farm  and visited the sisters at the Convent of St. Philotei and celebrated Holy Liturgy together with them and Father Anders. Wonderful! And after a small lunch the nuns and we went to Stockholm to visit our Swedish Bishop Johannes.

My husband and I have not met him since October 2010, actually only a few days before he fell badly and broke his back severely. He is admirable in tolerating all the hardship with pains, never complaining…

Here is a picture of all of us together by his bed yesterday:


Bishop Johannes has been a very talented icon painter himself, and a good teacher to many icon painters. And the very last icon he painted in his life was the one of St. Joseph. That one is together with many other icons placed on his walls now in his sick-room. That very icon in a special place so that His Eminence can see it easily from his bed.

Our Dear Bishop – and things that he experienced in his life –  is actually the initial reason that we built the little Chapel St. Joseph. We had the joy of showing him some pictures from the little chapel, not the least a few from the opening of doors in May when His Eminence Metropolitan Cyprian visited, and a few other pictures. Bishop Johannes was pleased to see that there is a proper little chapel to venerate the Saint that he has a special relation to.


Along the way in our process to get to know a bit more about St Joseph there of course have come more and more reasons. And now it is a reality, standing here on our farm in the forest. After my prayers in the little chapel today I strolled behind the chapel, and all the sheep came running to see why I was BEHIND the chapel. They are used to seeing me enter close to their fence in another place, but not walking behind…  by he time I got the camera up they had all decided that everything was OK, so they were no longer staring, just continuing to eat….