Opening of doors and the very first liturgy

Friday May 30 2014 was a wonderful day! His Eminence Metropolitan Kyprian the new, two nuns from Greece, Father Angelos, Father Antonios and the group of faithful laypeople coming to Sweden together with him plus Father Anders from Uppsala, Father Teoharis from Stockholm and not Sister any longer, but Mother Magdaleni and Sr. Lydia all came here, together with several members of the church in Stockholm and a few other friends were all here to share our joy.  

At 8:30 the ceremony of “opening of doors” started with prayers, readings and blessing of water outside the chapel:


It was a rainy day this friday, but the thoughtful nuns Mother Magdaleni and Sr. Lydia had brought their “party tent” This was perfect! First the priests could start under this rain shelter and when the ceremony later had started it was the perfect shelter for persons that needed some more “room” a few minutes, they could go out for a little while before pushing back in to the small chapel.  



Above: the prayers of “opening of doors” Then we went inside and His Eminence started sprinkling the chapel from the inside:




Then the very first procession around the chapel:



On this last picture above at least You see a few of the altogether 44 persons that were here to share our joy!

When the liturgy was about to start chiming of bells was heard for the very first time around this chapel! Look at these beautiful bells that was given as a gift from His Eminence and his travel company! 



Our sheep guardian dog Kalle was quite relaxed this day in spite of all the visitors! He probably understood no one was there to try to steel his lambs! As I said we had many guests in the tiny chapel. One of them Elisabeth from England together with her husband Mattias and their three very sweet children. In the beginning these “church trained” children stood properly as all of us. 


But after some hours the children were tired – as several others. For a small child it is perfectly all right to have a nap: 



The hours in the chapel was truly wonderful. After all our efforts in building and preparing it is almost unbelievable that the chapel finally is in a usable state. We started the 8:th of June two years ago. There are quite some things still to fix, but it is at least functional. And to experience a Holy liturgi in this chapel was almost “magical” … A true blessing! And all the time, on the narrow edge of the podium was a bowl with kolliva waiting. Here his photo and the bowl of kolliva viewed between the robes of the priests: (note the reflection of the candle light in the photo)


At the end of the holy liturgy of course a special prayer for our previous beloved Metropolitan, His Eminence Metropolitan Cyprian the previous. This day was the 1:st anniversary of his repose. In everlasting remembrance shall he, the righteous be.



After the Liturgy I was entrusted to read the prayers after communion, the first time I used the little pretty analogion created by Vincent for me. The nuns that had used it during the ceremony also approved it. Someone even revealed she was a bit jealous of me having one in the right hight and in a good size…  🙂


Below You see the happy builders together with His Eminence the new Metropolitan Cyprian and Father Anders from Uppsala. Several of our kind helpers, volunteers that have been active in building were with us here this day. Off and on they came up to the chapel during the ceremony, but they were not around to be captured on a photo… 







Some moments the rain stopped and the view from the flowerbed looked like this, in the background a sheep happy to eat some grass. 




We do hope that St Joseph approves to all this and will continue to help us in all doings on this little farm, the completion of the chapel, adjustment of details there and all other things going on here. For many many months it has given me joy and peace to visit the chapel building for prayers. But now, after the “transformation” it is something totally different, multifaceted… new dimensions… now it is no longer just a clay house… it is a blessed chapel… a chapel that gives us so much joy… 



I think of course also again, strongly about our own Swedish Bishop Johannes, and his encounters with St. Joseph and all our conversations about the help he got from St Joseph… and finally how my husband and I said we would build the chapel to venerate St. Joseph now that His Grace Bishop Johannes did not have had the possibility to do it. Now it is done! Thank God!


3 responses to “Opening of doors and the very first liturgy

  1. Jutta-Barbara Nedelsky

    This is indeed the most joyous report of them all! Thank you for writing it – tired as you must be – and for accompanying it with those many pictures. I hope, though, it will not be the last blog about the Chapel St. Joseph.

    • Thanks for commenting! and yes, we are tired… but life goes on! And as an answer to Your wonder; I have no plans to end the blog right now. There are more things to be accomplished at the chapel, I will write about those steps. I also thought of writing about all the helpers that has made this whole project possible in only two years at the same time as many other ongoing things on this farm. If it would have been just Lärkan and me it would have been a longer process since we also “run” our daily life here with care-taking of animals, developing of the farm also including preparing for more cultivation and other building projects and also most days there are some people here that we work with and try to help to come closer to the swedish work market, the persons on internship here.

  2. Britt-Marie Torstensson

    Many warm Thanks to you dear friends. It has been a fantastic time to follow this great process these two years, not only the building of this marvelous Chapel but also everything you do in your farm. To get the honour to do the flowerbed and to be invited to this BIG day for me – an even bigger honour which give me so many things to be grateful for and it has many dimensions to me. Now I hope you get a good rest and I wish you a really nie summer. See you.

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