The day our clay house became a church

Oh, what a day! Long longed for… And today was the day of transformation. Early in the morning our persevering friend Monika came and cut the curtains for the iconostasis. 


Then she had to run to the kitchen to bake and prepare the dinner for all of us, because today we were expecting many visitors… Then I continued to do some sewing, of course we will have to prepare the curtains in a more proper way later on, but now, in a hurry we had to get them functioning!


After a conversation about whether to only screw or  both glue and screw, Vincent and Lärkan attached the beautiful cross that Vincent has created for the royal doors:


After a short lunch brake we were ready to start putting up icons. Lärkan started with the Platytera over the altar window. This beautiful icon is created in Etna, by the sisters at Convent of St. Elisabeth and sent to us. Today it “landed” on its future place:


Above Lärkan is pressing the canvas to the wall after having glued thoroughly. Finally we put all other icons in place. Here Lärkan is checking the hight of the oil lamps that we have received as a gift from Convent of St. Philotei. Perfect lamps, and perfect number of lamps too: 4 for our small iconostasis:


Note the perfect hue of the icon of St. Joseph! It seems obvious that he has monitored the whole development of this building and choice of  the hues of the paint of our walls! Now that this icon came up, mounted on the wall to the left of the iconostasis, it is obvious that it is exactly the same hue on his icon as on the walls!

Our friend Britt-Marie, who has planned and created the wonderful flowerbed outside the chapel also came today. She wanted to be part of the final preparations and also be present on the special event of “opening of doors” that will be conducted tomorrow. Now in the early summer she – and all of us – can enjoy the good planning she did already last fall; now several flowers are blooming. And today she even put some more plants in the flower bed. Here You see her in the midst of the “final touch”:


In the early evening his Eminence Metropolitan Cyprian from Greece arrived, several monastics and the group of faithful laymen that travelled with him. Also many friends from the congregation i Stockholm came along. But when they all arrived i totally forgot my camera! During the night they all stay at the local hostel.


One response to “The day our clay house became a church

  1. Jutta-Barbara Nedelsky

    It was also the day that St. Joseph moved into his own… Congratulations to all who made this possible!

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