Busy days, and many small steps

We are so thankful to all our kind helpers! Without them this had not been possible! But with all their efforts it looks as we will have the little chapel – of course not all done or totally ready, but at least – in a presentable state this weekend. Share our happiness; look what is happening:

First, outdoors, the nice flowerbed has been mended after the little accident with the dumper. Aurelie and Jerome who have both been doing some really hard and heavy jobs around here, have now also mended the pretty little flowerbed:



Indoors I have kept on painting. Now the iconostasis has got a few layers of egg oil tempera glazier and is getting a warmer hue – as planned – not looking so gray anymore:


In the minimal sanctuarium in the background You see the altar that Jerome built and a couple of small tables that can be used when needed. The tables have been waiting for this purpose! They are tables that used to be in my parents home. They are both dead and some items from their home I am very happy to have. Now these small tables will find their perfect fulfillment!  Our dear friend Monika has kept on working with the fabric for the chapel. Here You see her testing the tablecloth for the altar:


It is so wonderful that also Mother Philotei has contributed to the adornment of this little chapel! The tablecloth for the altar is from her!

And persistant Monika has been working, oh, dear… The curtains that she has been working on turned out not to be so good after all. The quality of the fabric did not work well… so after hours of cutting and sowing we anyhow had to accept that it would never work out nicely. Then as a companion to support her Vincent came along and they both went to a nearby city to find new and better fabric for the curtains. Then with her admirable perseverance she started all over again! Here in the lunchroom measuring the new fabric:



As we know since long, Vincent is such a skilled handicraftsmen, and always ready to help! Look what he is doing now:



This blue, old board that already has been in use for the whole iconostasis… the board that used to be the vegetable stand in our local grocery shop! There were still some small pieces left.Now Vincent has used these “leftovers” to…



…create a “choir board” an “analogion” in the right hight for me! Wonderful!

There is no time to have it  properly painted in time, but at least IT IS CREATED! Possibly it will have some primer paint in time. Later it will receive its “future proper paint”.

Aurelie has spent quite some time to shine the coffee windows and the natural light glass between the tiny entrance room and the church room. In the future there will be tinted glass mounted above these glass blocks, but not this week…



Harriet has helped, as always, with all sorts of tasks, here You see her sweeping the floor of the chapel now that we have started to tear down plastic from walls and take away protecting paper:


And I myself have among other things continued to paint… Here busy with the now finally dry last parts of the skirting boards in the minimal sanctuarium:


Soon we will move on to the embellishment of the chapel… I can´t  wait!


3 responses to “Busy days, and many small steps

  1. Britt-Marie Torstensson

    Yes! Everything is so blessed that happens around this capel. I can’t believe I will come tomorrow and also to see the flowerbed after the winter.

  2. Jutta-Barbara Nedelsky

    Truly enough work to go around for everybody – probably not so easy to coordinate it all!

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