Small details that take a lot of time

As You have seen the iconostasis now is in place. But it has needed some adjustments. Such as a too big gap here and there had to be taken care of. And even though the iconostasis was nicely painted, not only with foundation but also with the first layer of pre paint a lot of screw holes and marks. We filled them, and the filling took some time to dry. Then sanding, finding that more filling was needed… time to dry, some sanding and then painting with foundation. Then it was obvious that more filling was needed, and had to dry and then again foundation… Like that we have been spending time waiting to be able to take the next step.



Also Lärkan has prepared for the little “step” for the priest, the front part of the podium, Here just checking with some small pieces that the height would be the right when the floor planks would be in place:


One day it was such nice weather so that he could move outdoors for screwing and sanding:



One thing that we have discussed a lot, many times over, is how to cover the gap between the walls and the floor. It is an organic building with very few “straight lines and corners”. Regular skirting boards could not fit along the irregular concave walls… Finally our son Hannes came up with the best solution: Thin MDF board with slots to make them bendable!

After some waiting for those special boards to arrive at the lumberyard and be cut in the right dimensions we got them:


Here Lärkan i just checking that the hight of the boards was right, Now we will prepare some more, cut them in good lengths so that they can be bent nicely to cover irregular gaps, paint them and then finally attach them.

Also Lärkan now has mounted the small door between the minimal entrance room and the small church room:


We are so happy for that door! It is from the early 1700´s and used to be in the house where our dear neighbor, Erik, grew up. This week Erik celebrated his 80 year birthday. He pays us a visit ever so often and is happy to see that the door from his childhood now has found a new place.

As it was in those times, the door is not high. We think it is suitable to have a low door in this position! It is appropriate to bend when entering the tiny church room!

This inner door, and the whole iconostasis now look very gray, it is a blend of several natural earth pigments but these first layers also have a lot of white titan pigment in it. The door and the iconostasis will be painted more – when finally all the “mending” = filling and foundation paint and first layer of paint is completed… then finally we plan to paint with a final layer of more translucent hue of a neutral, natural tint of same egg oil tempera mixture of pigments but with no white in it. We hope that it then will be a neutral brownish “silent” background for the icons to be placed and get the visitors attention.

Lärkan is persistent and working step by step with all the carpenting. Thanks to our Lord Lärkan has learned a lot in the process of building this little chapel. He was not at all a trained carpenter previously. As for myself I am not active with the carpenting. I find it too difficult with that hard and stiff material. When it comes to clay, that is a very “forgiving material” that You always can mend and continue building on, I am comfortable. And therefore I was very happy to be the leader of all the clay work in the different stages of the building process and have taken a big responsibility for the construction in that respect. Now I stick to final planning of details and of course the painting and Lärkan is the executor of all the pieces that I find too hard to contribute to by helping out practically. As we have experienced many times in our lives, by the grace of God; together we manage. God has blessed us with the gift of the experience that we complement each other. The process of building this veneration to our Lord and with a special thankfulness to St. Joseph, the step father of Jesus Christ, we experience that blessing in yet another way. Also we have been blessed by so many new friends, youngsters form all over the world coming here as volunteers to share the experience of building this chapel together with us. What joy! Thank God!




Circumstances right for wooden floor

Many, many times during several weeks I have called a steel company some 40 km away to ask if they had a piece of used metal shoe scraper. But always the same answer: no. Finally in the beginning of this week we had decided that we would have to buy a big piece (which is the only way to buy new metal scraper). Then we would cut off a lot (for some future use) an use the small piece we need outside the entrance door to the chapel. My husband and I had decided not to put the wooden floor in place until we had the foot scraper in place outdoors. And, thanks to our Lord, this time they had the perfect small piece used metal scraper waiting for us! So, Lärkan drove there and bought the small piece used shoe scraper to a very low price. Thank God, again!


Then we could start putting the nicely lasured floor planks in place. Now they were of course dry since a few weeks, awaiting to be put in place. First the tiny entrance room was prepared. Erik did the vacuuming:



But the small entrance room is truly tiny, there was no room for both Erik and Lärkan:


Here the last piece of floor plank was put in place in the entrance room:


The very next day Erik and Lärkan started to lay the floor in the “church room”. Compared with the entrance room it is spacious, how ever small it is!


In the afternoon when they were done I was so happy to see the result:



Oh, how nice it all turned out! We are happy that finally – in the right time however – the circumstances were the right for us to put the floor in ( i.e. the scraper finally turned up).


Now we can continue to prepare other details, like skirting boards and a lot more details that also has to be taken care of and that we try to do as best as we can and accomplish with joy. 

Icons being printed

Oh, what a beautiful picture I got by mail today! Look:



The sisters at The Convent of St. Philotei has now printed almost all icons for the iconostasis! Here the icons are displayed on their table. Now they will paste them to boards and prepare them in several ways before the icons will arrive here in about one month. I am so joyful! I can already see for my inner sight how pretty the tiny chapel will be!