Starting with the beautiful doors

A few weeks ago Lärkan made the cuts in the boards to make the wall of the iconostasis, as You have seen in a previous blog post. The “holes” that were then cut out were of course saved. And today Lärkan picked the bigger piece, the middle “hole”, and started to prepare the “beautiful doors”. I did not pass with the camera when he made the cuts, but I captured him in the chapel a little while later:



When he was content with the mounting he unscruwed the doors again:


Then we brought the future beautiful doors into our tiny lecture room where I started to paint the egg oil tempera foundation on them. And it just happened that our friend Monika came by and took a picture of me painting. As You have noticed it is always me taking the photos otherwise. Probably people looking into this blog think that I am just documenting. But I have been active in just about every task except the “pure” carpentry.



In the background of this photo You can get a glimpse of a door leaning to a cupboard. That door is precious to us. It is a door from the 1700´s. It comes from the house where our dear neighbor Erik grew up, also here in our tiny village Järbo. We were so happy that we could take over that beautiful door a couple of years ago. It has been  awaiting its time. And now also that one is getting painted.

In front of me, to the right in this picture, You see the plank that will be mounted as the top of the iconostasis, now painted.



Templon mounted

Now we have sanded and painted with foundation the future templon. Here You see Kidane from Eritrea painting with foundation, egg oil tempera.



Even though we painted in our tiny lecture room where it is much warmer than in the chapel it took time to dry. But after some days it was time for a second layer.



Here Erik is painting. As You see there is still snow outside, but we trust that spring is on its way so we have started with some plants on the windowsill.

A few days later, when the paint had dried, Lärkan was sanding a plank that was designed to be on top of the templon. Now some snow has melted:


And finally we could mount the pieces of the future templon in place in the little chapel:


Here below You see the plank that Larkan was sanding, here mounted on top of the templon.


Now we have some decisions to make about details, and color…  A lot of things to think about, and pray for the best solutions.

The work with the templon-to-be goes on

Slowly but surely we are continuing with the work on the iconostasis, or as I have been told more correctly named the templon. On this first picture Lärkan and Kidane have just sawed the hole for the middle door, the Beautiful door:



A while later all three openings were sawed:



Then it was time for Kidane to unscruw the wooden boards:


The very next day the weather was mild and a lot of snow had melted, now new snow has fallen, but this very day last week they could work outdoors in front of the barn with sanding all edges of the holes:


So as You see, little by little we are moving closer to our goal; to have the tiny chapel ready for “opening of doors” in a few months. We are filled with joy now, because we have got the message that His Eminence Metropolitan Cyprian and a group of faithful plan to visit us in the end of May this spring when they are on their yearly trip to Sweden. With the blessing of Our Lord and the help from the Saint himself, St. Joseph we hope that the little chapel will be ready enough for that celebration then. Oh, we are so much looking forward to that day! But to be honest, we truly enjoy every day, every step on the “road” there too.