Soon Lärkan will climb up the ladder with all pieces

The latter few workdays my husband together with Karim, who is with us a few hours per day monday to friday, has worked on more preparations on the “foundation”   for the lantern.


At the same time Eric, in his workshop some kilometers away from here, has been working on the onion dome. Last night I got the following picture in a mail:

onion dome

Today my husband, Karim and Jonatan  – who is also since a few days sharing time with us 5 days a week –  were preparing so that it will be as safe as possible to climb up and work on top of the roof. It is a rather slippery roof, so today they fastened a few planks up there so that the shoes can have some grip…


And below is a picture that I got via mail this afternoon from Eric who finally had received the resin he has been waiting for. An environmental friendly strong “glue” to make the dome solid. He got the package today and has already prepared the shape:

vitlökskupol med resin

Late afternoon today Lärkan went to the tinsmith with the square foundation with the octagon hole =the foundation of  the lantern. He also brought three of the windows, so that the tinsmith could take some measurements…

To have metal windowsills put up as soon as possible is part of the preparations to prevent rain from coming IN to the chapel.

As You notice, we are getting closer to mounting the lantern. I am so exited, and also thankful to our Lord for having come so far in our preparations.


Kupola in progress

Today I  got the nicest photo from Eric, who is working on the tiny onion dome:


You can clearly see the shape growing into a tiny dome!

We hope that in about a week it will be delivered.

At the same time, after a few days of other kinds of work, today Bertil and Lärkan was continuing to  prepare  the “slope” for the base of the lantern.

We are having a wonderful late fall, like an “indian summer” with warm and sunny days. This gives us the wonderful possibility to work outdoors.