The crown has arrived

Several things have developed in an unexpected way this summer… For example the building of the chapel. We have so far not come as long as I had expected. But little by little… still there is progress. Many other things had to be done at the same time, and also a lot happened around us… so we became delayed in our work.

But, one day in July a big truck stopped by our farm….


It was a huge package that was delivered:


And can You imagine what it was?

The prepared LANTERN for the roof!!!

Jonny and Hillevi – my friend from early seventies – that visited here in July last year… Now they sent the fantastic gift.. their fantastic contribution to the chapel. The LANTERN that Jonny has built!

Some days after the package arrived, my husband came home from a fishing trip, then he unpacked and carried the 8 windows inside a barack where they now wait to be put up.


The windows are so pretty with many small mullions. It will really be the crown of the little chapel!  What a fantastic gift that Jonny has built! Thank You SO MUCH Hillevi and Jonny!