Edge on roof finished and oil on walls indoors


Yesterday Lärkan finished the last edges of the roof. The last few planks are now sawed off. Finally it is now nicely “rounded” – although it is not runded, but with many facets. little by little the roof is getting closer to finished. So many details… with just about everything…




At the same time, indoors, Jonas, a kind young helper from Germany is painting with flax seed oil. That will make the clay plastered walls much more durable.



On this picture it looks as if the walls became black, but as soon as it dried it turned lighter again.

When this step is done we soon can prepare for cleaning the ceiling that sadly has got several spots of  black mold. The planks that we built the ceiling with last fall was not dried enough when we bought them from the lumberyard.

But today Lärkan talked this problem through with an expert and bought the right “stuff” so that we any day now can start to clean and thereby kill the mold pores. We could not start to clean the ceiling before having oiled = hardened the walls… maybe drops would have made marks in the clay walls…But now as soon as the oil has dried thoroughly we can clean the ceiling.. then we an prepare for some painting and then…..step by step…  indoors and outdoors, high and low…



Perfected carvings and edge of wooden roof soon ready

Look what a proud young man, Samuel, from England, who has made the beautiful carvings in clay that we had prepared with mineral pigments and then hidden behind a layer of gray clay, still drying:


He has really made a wonderful job with a steady hand. Samuel has studied art history and was happy to take on this challenge.  I am so thankful and I think he did a wonderful job.

At the same time Pontus together with several other volunteers and my husband has worked for a few days on the lower edge of the wooden roof of the chapel. Today Lärkan and Pontus are finishing that work, and tomorrow morning Pontus is leaving. Look how far they have come:


Soon the edge is nicely rounded (or as rounded as it will get) and we can soon continue with the next step, take away the temporary plastic tarpaulin, put the tarmac paper on the wood to save it and make the roof rainproof…

We are so thankful to Pontus who offered to come and help with this difficult task that my husband did not really knew how to finish. But Pontus did! Many many grateful thoughts to Pontus and everyone that has contributed with a helping hand with this troublesome task.

Creative carvings and work on the roof

Now that the walls more and more get their shape, and  it soon will be time for oil and paint indoors, I start to think of things I did not have the capacity for previously…


A few weeks ago I sat with a book of symbols and ornaments. Then, when His Grace Bishop Cyprian was in Sweden I asked blessing to prepare for some carvings on the wall. Yesterday we started!  Right now we have several kind volunteers around helping out with many things on the farm. One if them is Samuel from England. Here You see when he yesterday put  some clay on the wall over the “coffee window2. Clay that I had blended with mineral pigments:


Today, when the clay was half dry he started the carvings. Through the upper layer of gray clay down to the pigmented layer:


Little by little…we are exited and have high expectations on the result. Samuel is doing a very good job!

Pontus, who was here a few weeks ago, has come back for a few days. He has offered to help out with the irregular lower edge of the roof. It is such a difficult task… all the wedges are different and we did not manage to get the lower line straight last year.