Day of preparations

Late last night Ulf, our best clay builder teacher arrived. He brought a young man, Pontus,  that is on an internship with Ulf for a few weeks. Today we have had a day of planning and discussing many options on how to make the filling layer on the outside of the chapel. After several hours of penetrating different options we came to decisions. Then the preparations could start:

Here Ulf and Brandon from England, who is a volunteer with us since a few weeks, are slicing clay and putting into bathtubs to soak in water. The blending machine still has its winter cap on…



Pontus who is training to become a builder is here adjusting the “sacrifice board”  = the plank that will have the raindrops pour away from the wall and not go into the foundation of the house.

– What is it that you are doing down on our level?



-Oh, it takes so much time for people to do what they think is important… WHEN will you have time to scratch me again? … I get so tired of waiting…




Like this Pontus is correcting all the slots of the “skirt”, the sacrifice board that goes around the whole chapel.


My husband Lärkan was in our nearest city today getting some samples of window sills. Which color shall we choose? I think the orange, “brick colored” one (=the biggest one, laying under the two other samples) We will order the windowsills and have them embedded in the clay. The company said they might even manage to “bend” them for us tomorrow!




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