Closer to start with new building material!

The latter few days we have had a digging machines and a dumper and some other machines around. We are building up the “course area” . Today when the men with their machines are getting close to finishing their job, I asked them to dig up some more clay. And wow, did they!


Look how nice and “fat” and blue our clay is!

Here the digging machine has dug some up  from close to our little creek and now puts it in the dumper:


And finally the dumper has rolled up and is dumping it on the pile of clay that will give us the possibility to continue building also this summer. All together I think we have about 8 m3 of clay waiting now.


As You see there are “mouse-ears” on the trees, but it is still very cold during the nights. Around or some nights even below zero. But next week we will start building! Now nothing can hold us back!  May we have the blessing of being successfull and reach our goals for this building season!


2 responses to “Closer to start with new building material!

  1. Jutta-Barbara Nedelsky

    Happy building to all involved!

  2. Britt-Marie Torstensson

    Wonderful to see these bid Machines doing som much work for you. Now I know what it looks lika after the visit that was så great, Blessings.

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