Still winter with lots of snow… thinking of summer and the visit during 2012…

A few days ago a friend from church visited us. Together we strolled the small path up to the chapel.



As You can see there is still LOADS of snow, even though it has started to melt.



It was so nice to share the little time of prayer together with Birgitta.



Birgitta also visited us when Bishop Kyprian and our Greek friends visited both the summer of 2011 and 2012.  Birgitta and I also spoke of our memories from those days…

I reminded her that after the visit of His Eminence Bishop Kyprian in June 2011, I during last winter, on his request sent some drawings of the future chapel. In early spring we started to prepare for the process of building the chapel – again. We were allowed to make some corrections of the foundation, but otherwise to wait for the visit of his Grace.

Finally the day arrived, when His Grace Bishop Kyprian and a small flock of faitful that followed him on this trip from Greece to Sweden arrived. They had a few days in Stockholm, Uppsala and payed a visit at the Convent in Grillby near Enköping, and they also gave us joy by visiting us up here. We had some good hours together, and of course the most unforgettable moments were up at the chapel:



Here His Grace is praying a special prayer to ask Gods blessing over the process of building this chapel. IMG_2582


Finally His Grace presented som incredibly fantastic gifts that he embedded in the foundation of the future chapel.



Stones from the Holy Land…

…to the west, under where the future door was to be placed His Grace embedded a small stone from Mount Sinai, where Moses received the Ten Commandments. To the north he embedded a stone that comes from the Mount of temptation. To the east, under where the future altar will be placed he embedded a stone from Golgata. And as You see on the picture above he embeds the last stone, to the south, which is one from the lake of Tiberia.

It is unbelievable – but true – that these precious treasures are here!