Coffee-windows perfected and wooden roof ALMOST completed

Thanks to all heavenly powers and our very kind and helpful WWOOF-ing friends so much is happening this week : ) Several days without frost, and today we were able to work in spite of the heavy rain.

Yesterday and today Kristin gave a lot of time and carefully built up the mountings of all the coffee jars inside the chapel on both sides. Look how nicely she have built them all in!


And over her head Vincent has continued patiently with the roof. Lärkan too. And today also J was helping out.


Here he is laying down on some planks that have been arranged to walk on up there… and he is looking down on us below : )

Now I am SOO HAPPY because it is only a few planks still to be built!  But we HAD to stop before it was completed because we were out of nails! We already used up 1000 nails on the planks on the roof. Tomorrow Lärkan will drive and buy more nails.

I myself was today not working at all with hands-on… only sitting by the computer and telephone investigating several details about the covering of the roof. I have made several phone calls to talk to experts, I have done some reading and learned a little about the next step of our preparations of the roof.

Tomorrow morning the youngsters and I are leaving early in the morning. I am going to The Convent of St. Philotei, to enjoy Liturgy together with the nuns there. The youngsters will spend a day in Uppsala (that I will pass on my way to the convent.) When we meet again in the afternoon when I come back to Uppsala on my way home I will have to say good-bye to both Kristin and J. Today was their last day here. Eusebios is staying a few days more.

Lärkan and I are so thankful to them and all other WWOOF-ers that previously has contributed so much to the building of the chapel this summer! Of course we have a special and great gratitude to Vincent who already has stayed with us for more than two months and is planning to stay a bit longer.

And of course we are most thankful to St. Joseph for what we believe is his intercession and guidance.


Today again, one little step closer to our goal

Today we were so blessed; neither freezing or rain! So we could continue in several ways in the chapel. Also, finally the previous layers has dried so we could put some more clay plaster on where it was missing.

Here Eusebios from Mexico is doing a good job above one of the “coffee-windows”:


Three Day – who is still with us 5 days a week in daytime (but goes to her own home in the late afternoons) – also did a good job with the clay plastering on the opposite side:


Kristin is now working a lot with the planks of the roof:


And Vincent is at times – when he takes a short break from the nailing – looking down on us working below him:


You who read this: please  scroll up again to the first picture of today and look at the roof being covered above Eusebios´ head! When we stopped working today 8 out of 12 wedges of the roof are covered with planks!

Roof “growing”


Vincent and Lärkan has finished the work with the trosses.

On Thursday they also went with the trailer to a lumberyard in a village nearby where we could by locally produced planks with tongue and groove. Then they started with the roof-cover! Hurray!

I am thankful to all heavenly powers for these days with  at least some hours without rain so we could work…  little by little…

We also got more help! Kristin from the south of Sweden has come to help out for a couple of weeks. Friday and Saturday she also grabbed a hammer:

“J” who has been here for slightly more than a week now has togehter with another friend from Mexico, Eusebios, assisted with some more claywork:

“J”´s real name is JosePablo. Jose is Spanish for Joseph   : )

The part he here is clay plastering is the part under the Altar window. We could not plaster it earlier since it was not dry… and for some days we have not been able to do it because it has been too cold… we already have had 4 nights with temperature below zero. If the clay freezes instead of dries it will not be so nice… but a few days with not so much rain and no frost during nights..


I had been somewhat worried… but now I have hope again that we will be able to come to a certain “milestone” before the winter is over us.

– St. Joseph, please pray for us, help us to get Your chapel in a status so it can endure the winter!

Getting closer…

Little by little the trusses of the future roof is getting in place! Vincent is doing a great job! My husband, Lärkan, too of course, as often as he has the possibility to work on the roof construction. But he also has some other duties to take care of…

The handyman that we were waiting for –  the one with experience of roofbuilding and such… he who we thought were to arrive already last saturday – finally arrived yesterday afternoon. But already today he has left. This circumstance, this farm in the wilderness was not a suitable place for him. Maybe the solitude and tranquility here was too “much”.

But another unexpected situation has developed: a positive young man from Mexico, travelling in Europe, found us on the WWOOF-website. He contacted us two days ago and already yesterday evening he arrived too. He says he loves the silence and the peaceful environment here. Today he – for the first time in his life – used a saw and a hammer! Here he has climbed up to assist Vincent in the construction of the roof!


Even if we did not get the help from an experienced carpenter we anyhow – Thanks to the Grace of God – today fastened the last of the twelve load bearing beams of the roof construction! As already said: Lärkan and Vincent has done a great job!

I myself do not have not much of a self confidence when it comes to carpenting… With clay I am fully active and working hard, but not with the carpenting… so these latter days I have returned more to the kitchen; preparing food for the builders : )

During the night and tomorrow we are expecting heavy rain again, so we plan not to work in the chapel tomorrow, but instead work inside the sheep´s house that also has to be completed before we expect a few more lambs in about a month!


Spread Your wings…

The chapels new rain protection, the  “nightgown”,  is maybe more than just a nightgown… When I look at the chapel now in the stormy weather it appears as if it is planning to lift itself to higher dimensions

: )

…Fly baby, fly! Spread your wings and lift up aloft…

.. OR… maybe NOT! I would prefer that You stay here with me, Dear Chapel!  And I think You have to! You are TOO  heavy! With all the clay You consist of, You are earthly bound!  So please accept Your circumstances and happily stay rooted here! I need our presence, Your company!

Or, maybe the “flapping of Your wings” is solely an expression of Your joy that Your roof is taking shape more and more ? Yes! I decide to interpret the situation in that way!


Today when I climbed up the ladder I saw and heard Vincent and Lärkan having a small conference under the blue tarpaulin.. How to fasten this and that truss… How to do this and that… – OK, lets do like this….


Oh, my Dear Chapel St. Joseph, rejoice with me over the fact that it now seems possible that You will be sheltered before winter : ) Happily flap Your wings to express our cheerful expectations for the future!


Finally !

The latter few days and nights I have been worried… thinking about the worst scenario: IF we would not manage to get the roof on the chapel in time… the late fall storms… even more rain, heavier rain in late fall … and then the snow… The falls seems to come so early this year. The ground is all sticky from all the rain and more and more leaves are on the ground. The sight is like one or one and a half month too early compared to “regular” autumns.

In the nights I have been crying to our Lord asking for helping hands and for better weather. Yesterday, in despair, I called our monastic friends both in Greece and in Sweden. I also called some praying friends and asked them to pray for this too.

I prayed to St. Joseph himself  too of course and asked him to send somebody to help us get His chapel to a state in which it can stand the winter …  This morning I also made a phone call to our Bishop Johannes, who earlier in his life has experienced great wonders by St. Joseph. Bishop Johannes too promised to pray that we would get in contact with somebody willing to come and help us. Then I went to the kitchen table and sat speaking with Vincent,  actually, this morning we spoke about  St. Joseph… Then the telephone rang.

It was a kind man calling from Italy. He had found our “ad” on the WWOOF-site and now called to tell that he would like to arrive already this saturday and stay a few weeks to help us finish the roof. Oh, what Joy!

Now we have hope again to be able to finish the roof construction in time with more helping hands. Glory to God! Wonderful is God in his Saints!


During the day today we also had a new experience… almost no raindrops : ) And Lärkan and Vincent could get started with the preparations of the trusses:


And now before the nightfall the chapel has got a “nightgown”  … rain is forecasted for the night, but luckily we have had many hours during this day without rain. And the bearing construction is there and also the very first  truss!

So tonight I have two big subjects for my prayers of thanks! Glory to God!

NO… it was not a day without rain yesterday, nor today : (

Not a single day for many many days has been without rain!

Even yesterday when the weather forecast said NO RAIN, and it looked as if that would be true…I took the photos from yesterday in the middle of the day… but a few hours later: again it was raining.It is storming and the yellow leaves are falling…. together with the raindrops.

Same today: Nice weather in the morning, but around lunch rain and wind again. No the chapel has a cap again and I start to feel worried about being able to get a roof done in time for the winter…

Our nice neighbor who is 78 years old and has lived in this area his whole life, has never experienced such a bad; cold and rainy summer and early fall…

So, today during the day we put another “cap” on the walls:

To the right You also see that Vincent got a brilliant idéa… He is pointing to a big tree beside the chapel. From that tree he figured we can tie a long string OVER the chapel, attach it to a pole that we will rise on the other side … and ON a string going over the chapel we will hang plastic tarpaulins like a huge tent… MAYBE we can manage then to work UNDER that even if the rain keeps falling…

Here is a picture when we late tonight managed to rise the pole on the other side of the chapel. Vincent is on top of a scaffolding construction fastening the pole to a tree…

And finally my flashlight worked, just so that I could catch the moment when Vincent expressed victory after having seen the first few steps of his brilliant idea put into reality:

Tomorrow Lärkan will buy some strong ropes and we will continue to prepare for the big “tent”. Lets hope that this idea will bring the solution… so that we can continue with the preparations for the real roof. But we still hope for more helpers to come…

THE day without rain : )


A whole day without rain : ) So today Vincent and my husband Lärkan could take off the temporary roof. And look how the chapel looks today:


And inside, looking up there is only the beginning of the roof construction and some planks to walk on:


AND THE SKY that  is BLUE !!!

This day a new sensation is visible on the inside walls:the shadows of the wood above:


But there are many signs of the damp weather that has tested our patience… and prolonged the drying period of the walls, also some mold spots. I have to brush!